August 10, 2009

Save the Day with Your Very Own Bridal Emergency Kit

If there’s one word of advice we can give our brides, it’s to always, always be prepared- you never know when an accident may occur. After all, how many times have you been out, get a stain on a shirt, a button pops loose or you find yourself with a fresh blister after wearing those brand spanking new killer heels?

Our biggest concern for our bridal couple is to alleviate stress and anxiety. Emotions are running high and the last thing we want to see is a bride worrying that her bustle has fallen and can’t be repaired. We know, we know… the seamstress should have done a better job with the bustle but, these things happen. We’ve seen it all from puffy red eyes, to deodorant marks on a bridesmaid dress to broken heals and red wine stains on a bridal gown.

Trust us, you want to be prepared to deal with these little mishaps right away (especially on your wedding day) and what better way to do this than to create your own Bridal Emergency Kit!

A quick hunt around your house for supplies or a short jaunt to the drug store can get equipped with everything you need to tackle a last minute emergency. Simply Sophisticated Events recommends everyone make one for their wedding day and put your maid of honour (MOH) in charge of it!

What goes in an emergency kit? Well, it differs for each bride however here are our top ten must have items that we couldn't live without:

• Safety Pins
• Mini Sewing Kit
• Instant Stain Remover (like a Tide to Go pen)
• Eye Drops
• Pain Killers (Advil, Tylenol etc.)
• Antacids
• Dental Floss
• Breath Mints
• Bobby Pins
Panty Hose (besides their obvious purpose, they also remove deodorant marks!)
• Lint Brush/Static Guard
• Kleenex

There’s no limit to what you can add to your emergency kit, whatever you think you may need on that day for yourself and bridesmaids should go into the kit.

The best part about creating your own Bridal Emergency Kit? It’s a perfect excuse to buy a new, super cute bag to store all of your items in!

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