September 18, 2009

Turn Your Photos into a One-of-a-Kind Video

Before you spend hundreds of dollars for a wedding (or special event) videographer, consider this: make your own video with pictures. It's really not that hard, all you need is Animoto(R).

Animoto(R) is a free video creation platform that lets users easily create professional-quality videos from their own photos, music and text. Recently, they launched Animoto for Weddings, a new site that showcases the various ways Animoto videos are perfect for weddings. This program is really user friendly (we've tested it out) and is free for 30-second videos, ($3) for full-length videos, and ($30) for an annual subscription to create unlimited full-length videos. Videos can be upgraded to DVD-quality for ($5) to download or ($20) to receive a DVD in the mail.

Our 30 Second Video Portfolio:

For more information about Animoto for Weddings please visit:

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