September 25, 2009

Vendor Spotlight: Rebecca Lozer Photography Part I

We often get a lot of questions from brides asking us for tips on choosing the right photographer. What better way to answer some of their tough questions than to turn to an expert in the area?

We decided to get up close and personal with professional photographer, Rebecca Lozer from Rebecca Lozer Photography to get some answers on how to choose the best photographer for your wedding.

Ready? Here we go . . .

SSE: What are the advantages and disadvantages to hiring a professional photographer for your wedding or other special event?

Rebecca: One of the major advantages to hiring a professional photographer is that they have the expertise and proper equipment to capture your special moments so that you can relive them over and over. Our knowledge of angles, lighting, and body postures ensures that your photos tell the story of your day in a creative and unique way. The only factor that might be considered a disadvantage to hiring a professional is the cost involved. That being said, if a bride is looking for a way to save money by having a friend or relative take their pictures with a digital camera, they may find the quality of their photos are compromised. Also, a professional photographer is trained to capture all of the milestone moments (the groom seeing the bride for the very first time, the ring exchange, first kiss etc.) that a family member may miss by mistake.

SSE: Are there advantages to hiring a photographer who has taken pictures at the same venue that they may have photographed during other weddings or events?

Rebecca: Having shot an event or wedding previously at a chosen venue, the photographer is familiar with the lightening, scenery, and possible obstacles to vision. However, a good photographer will perform a site visit prior to the event day, to prepare themselves in the event that they have not been there before.

SSE: As a photographer how do you prepare yourself to shoot at a venue you have never been to before? Should brides expect their photographer to do test shots before the wedding at new venues?

Rebecca: I would visit the location about a week before the event, around the time of day that the event would take place. This will help me to learn the layout of the venue, familiarize myself with the lighting, and determine locations to set up specific shots. This is also very critical as I like to anticipate beforehand where any obstacles are to my field of vision. Test shots are not necessary to prepare for the upcoming event and should not be expected from all photographers. It is however part of my policy to do site visits closer to the event date.
SSE: In your experience, how can brides tell if the photographer’s style matches the type of photography they’re looking for?

Rebecca: It is very important for the bride and groom to take a look at the photographer's online and print portfolio. Photographers will take the best pictures from different events to put online, therefore, by looking through their printed portfolio from start to finish, it will give you a better idea of how they captured the entire day. Make sure to take all pictures into account to determine if this is how you would want your day captured. Remember, you will know by the feeling you have the moment you see their portfolio.
SSE: These days, there are so many different styles of photography. From classic, formal, photojournalistic, creative and editorial shots. What is the difference between them all? Can styles be mixed?

Rebecca: The traditional or formal photography style depicts people in posed positions. An example would be your classic family group shot (this is formal but not necessarily traditional). The photojournalist, editorial style features more candid shots that tell a story and unfold the events from your day. Most photographers use a mixture of these two styles to fulfill their clients’ needs. Personally, my style is a mixture however it always adapts to what the client prefers – depending on the person, usually one style makes them more comfortable over the other.
If you loved this interview with Rebecca, please stay tuned for Part II of our conversation. Part II will reveal Rebecca’s advice on things to keep in mind when choosing a photographer.

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