October 08, 2009

How We Survived a Bridal Show!

SSE attended the National Bridal Show this past September and boy, did we have fun! Walking the show floor reminded us of how overwhelming (and exciting) it was when we were both getting married a few years ago.
We put our money where our mouth is - literally - by following our own guidelines to surving a bridal show. Here's what happened!
We always recommend that before a show, brides make a list of the vendors they want to talk to. We didn't write down the vendors however, we did decide that we wanted to talk to DJ's, photographers, dessert companies and of course, we wanted to watch the fashion show and look at all of the pretty dresses! Priorities ladies. It's all about the dresses and sales at these events!

Equipped with comfy, yet fashionable outfits and shoes, we hit the pavement running and got to work.
First, we checked the time for the fashion show (most important) then we conducted two walk-thrus to assess who was at the show (we knew the busy booths were worth a second look, and the ones with pushy sales types were the ones we avoided).
After our walk-thrus we decided on who we wanted to talk to. We timed it so well that we had time to spare before the fashion show - allowing us the option to eat some lunch and get prime seats for the show. And PS - the dresses for this season are gorgeous, any thoughts on where we can wear another wedding dress other than at a wedding?!
Overall, we had a great time at the bridal show and plan to attend more in the new year. We hope to see you there with your comfy shoes and vendor lists in tow!
Remember before you head out to your next show, check out our Bridal Show Survival Guide for tips on how to get the best show experience.

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