December 14, 2009

Festive Holiday Treat Your Guests Will Love!

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, or another holiday, or, just the fact that it's winter, we've cooked up a yummy idea for you to serve to your guests!

Penelope at had such a great idea, we just had to share it. Penelope suggests serving a hot cocoa bar at your next event.

A what?

A hot cocoa bar is exactly what it sounds like. Think create your own sundae meets hot cocoa! Guests can whip up their own mug of steaming, hot cocoa using their favourite toppings.

Try setting up a table with cool, festive mugs and a hot carafe or two (or three!) of hot cocoa. Hot chocolate isn't complete with toppers such as marsh mallows, flavoured syrups, whipped cream or Cinnamon sticks so make sure to have some of your favourite treats served up along side the hot treat so your guests can top their mugs with something of their choice. Just like a make your own sundae, we're certain the make your own cocoa is sure to be a hit.

Is your party less PG 13 and more 19 and over (in Canada)? Try having some yummy adult treats like Baileys, peppermint liquors and so on for an extra punch.

A hot cocoa bar is a delicious way to keep your guests feeling warm, toasty and festive. Whether you serve it at your Christmas, New Years or other holiday party, or, serve it at your Winter Wonderland themed wedding, we're sure your guests will appreciate the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of this fabulous idea!

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Joan said...

Sounds yummy! What a great idea!


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