January 25, 2010

It's True, Weddings CAN Be Stress Free

Your wedding should be one of the most happiest days of your life, and while for the most part it will be, sometimes the events leading up to the big day can leave you stressed and defeated.

Some couples are faced with planning nightmares made worse by high expectations (the day must be picture perfect). We've seen it so many times, couples who don't get to enjoy their day because they are doubled over with stress and anxiety. That's why we've come up with a few quick strategies to help you both stay stress free and enjoy your day.

• Remember that no day is perfect, not even a perfectly planned wedding day. Something, even the smallest thing, can go wrong at some point during the event. No matter how big or how small these little blunders are, just remember these are the things that make your day unique and if anything, it will give you something to smile about years later!

• Delegate tasks to family members so you don't drive yourself crazy. Need someone to gather the family around for pictures but don't have time? Appoint a bridesmaid or an usher to be in charge of this task, after all, family members and friends are always willing to help. The more small tasks you delegate, the calmer you'll be on the wedding day.

• Have fun and let go. Do the planning and obsessing in advance of the wedding day. Once the day arrives, remember the point of the day: your commitment to your significant other and how much you love each other.

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