January 11, 2010

Music Playlists for Weddings

Q: My fiance and I are having a wedding crisis! Our DJ asked us to provide him with a list of songs we want played during our reception. There are so many choices, where do we start?

A: The first thing we like to suggest to our couples, is to write out a list of the songs off the top of their heads that they really like. From there, categorize them into two play lists: Dinner Play List and Dancing Play List. Another thing we like to suggest, is to think of a theme for your reception. Do you want a classic mix, oldies, a mix of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble type songs? Finding songs of these genres will make it even easier to weed through all of the choices.

In terms of how many songs to pick? That's a tough call. Typically we suggest selecting up to 60 fast and 60 slow songs to get you through a 4 or 5 hour evening. Not to worry, you don't have to pick all 120 songs (after all, that's what your professional DJ is for) however, choosing maybe half of the songs would give your DJ a better idea of your music theme for the evening.

Also, if you know there are songs you definitely do not want to hear (chicken dance and Mac arena usually top the list) then make sure you also make a Do Not Play list as well.

To give you a push in the right direction, visit the folks at NY City Weddings for a list of popular wedding song choices. Categories include ceremony, cocktail hour, bridal party intro, first dance, mother dance, father dance, party dance, background/dinner music, cake cutting and the last dance.

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