February 15, 2010

How to Choose a Destination Wedding Location

There are so many things to consider when booking a destination wedding. Choosing a destination is the first obvious thing to decide on but, how do you chose between so many locations? We like to tell our brides to consider the following three factors to help guide them in a decision.
Weather - Do you want to have a beach wedding in a tropical paradise? Consider the time of year you'd like to travel and scope out the weather forecasts for that time frame. We're sure that the last thing you want is to be saying your vows in the middle of a hurricane so get out the Farmers Almanac and get planning!

Dates - We like to recommend staying away from major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Spring Break. Vacation packages and flight costs typically rise during these holidays so we like to recommend picking off-season dates as opposed to high season. Trust us, you'll be thankful you travelled during low season, there will be less bathing suit clad onlookers trying to get in on your wedding photos at the beach!

Travel Convenience - Not everyone minds connecting flights, layovers and long bus rides to get to their sunny destination however, if it were up to us, we wouldn't want to experience that for a wedding. We like to recommend paying a few extra dollars for a direct flight to wherever you're travelling too. Especially when it's for your upcoming nuptuals.Why? Well we're sure that the last thing you want to do is lose half your wedding party on a delayed flight or worse, a missed flight!

If you choose to throw caution to the wind and don't want to let weather, dates or convenience stand in your way of planning your wedding, the last thing we'd suggest is to book your wedding at a resort or location you have visited before - or that a good friend or family member you trust has recommended. You'd hate to show up for your wedding and realize the resort isn't as well maintained as the brochure made it look or the wedding packages were not exactly what was advertised.

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