February 22, 2010

Save-the-Date Cards: A Must Have?

A save-the-date card is a pre-invitation that officially announces your wedding date. But many brides want to know, are save-the-date cards really necessary?

While save-the-dates are not a wedding must have, it does add a nice touch as it gives your guests a heads up far enough in advance that they can clear their schedule to attend. We like to recommend a save-the-date card for destination weddings, three-day weekend weddings or any event that requires guests to travel. Between all of the hustle and bustle of travel arrangements and work schedules, a save-the-date will help increase guests' chances of attending your special day.

Are you thinking of sending a save-the-date? Here are two things to keep in mind before mailing them out:
  • Only send save-the-dates to the people you want to come to your wedding. Once a save-the-date is sent, you can't take back the invitation.
  • How far in advance should you send them? We recommend about 6 months before the wedding, to allow guests to make travel arrangements, save money and also to get time off work if needed. While some feel it's best not to send a save-the-date before 6 months, we think sending them up to 12 months in advance is ok if you're planning a destination wedding!

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