June 07, 2010

Destination Wedding Help: What Do Guests Pay?

Q: We're thinking of having a destination wedding on a tropical island, what should we expect our guests to cover in terms of costs?

A: While destination weddings are a great way to celebrate your marriage in a fun and unique way, it can also help the bride and groom cut down on costs associated with having a more traditional wedding. While we're on board for saving some money here and there, as a general rule, guests shouldn't have to pay for themselves at any event that has to do with the wedding. Having said that, a destination wedding is a bit of a tricky thing. Generally, your guests should be responsible for paying their travel and accommodation expenses however, they shouldn't have to worry about the reception or rehearsal dinner if there is one. Many resorts offer wedding packages to help plan a magical reception and include the price of dinner and beverages for your guests, allowing the bride and groom to still save some money.

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