June 14, 2010

Wedding Parties: How Many are Too Many?

Some brides have visions of large weddings parties and while the idea of having 20 of your closest girlfriends standing up for you on your wedding day may sound like a great idea, the whole experience can take a turn to Stressville faster than you may think.

Choosing how many people to have in your wedding party can sometimes be more stressful than actually deciding on who to ask. Before you decide on that 20 person bridal party (yes, we're talking just bridesmaids) consider these two little questions we think you should consider before deciding to recruit that small army to stand up at the altar with you.
  • HUGE bridal parties come with an added expense. While you are not obligated to pay for every one's attire, hair and/or makeup, the bride and groom usually incur additional costs when having such a large group of family and friends standing up for them such as, extra flowers for bouquets, extra attendant gifts and renting additional limos to name a few.
  • While having a larger wedding party means having extra hands for things you need assistance with during the planning stages and on the day of, having too large of a group may in turn make the whole experience feel a bit impersonal and/or stressful as it's hard to keep tabs and control such large groups.
Overall, there are no rules as to how many people are allowed in a wedding party (after all it is YOUR wedding and you can celebrate in any way that makes you happy).

The best advice we could give you is to choose the people who are closest to you and who you'd like to share this milestone with. After writing your list you'll know who to ask to be a bridesmaid and how many people you're comfortable with. You never know, you might be surprised at what conclusions you come to, don't be surprised if your 20 girl list gets whittled down to 5 or less!

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