June 25, 2010

What You Should Consider Before Baking Your Own Wedding Cake

While we're big Do-it-Yourself'ers (DIY'ers) here at Simply Sophisticated Events, there are times when we have to stear our beloved  brides away from potential DIY disasters.

From DIY spray tanning to DIY fake flower bouquet shenanigan's, we've put out quite a few fires for the not-so-crafty brides out there. But, we understand there are quite a few die hard DIY'ers still out there, especially those who have thought about tackling their own wedding cakes.

Before you start salivating at the thought of licking the batter off the mixing spoons, consider these 15 tips from our friends at DIY Bride, from their article Is a DIY Cake For You?

We hope the article helps and we want to know, did it turn you into a Pro DIY Cake Baker or did you cross over to the other side and hire a baker?

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