August 09, 2010

4 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

We're always asked for ideas on how to announce an engagement. Sure, there are the the tried and true methods like putting an ad in your local paper, announcing it to your friends on Facebook or even sending out Save the Date cards for your upcoming wedding. We like to kick things up a notch and if you're looking to do something different, we think you'll like some of these ideas.
  1. Start a wedding blog and send the link to your friends and family. After some wedding plans have been set, keep your blog updated to share special wedding details such as location, time and party information.
  2. Plan a surprise/secret engagement party and announce your news to everyone at once. Celebrities have secret weddings, why can't you have a secret engagement party?
  3. If you were lucky enough to have a camera handy during the proposal, create a wedding proposal slide show and send it to the people you love. End the show with a picture of yourselves with "Happily Engaged" as the caption.
  4. Announce your engagement on a chocolate bar with a customized wrapper. Check out or Custom Candy Bars to find out how.
Did you announce your engagement in a unique way? We want to hear all about it, be sure to leave your story in the comments.

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