September 20, 2010

5 Tips for Planning Any Outdoor Event

While a backyard event is an excellent way to host a unique and intimate affair, keep in mind that the cost of an outdoor can escalate out of control quickly as can the weather! We've put together a list of 5 things to consider when hosting an outdoor/backyard wedding.

5. Keep your guests comfortable. Are you getting married in the early fall? Hand out pashima's as favors to all of your lady guests to keep them warm in the cool evening air or have cozy blankets on hand for those who might want to snuggle to keep warm. Summer months usually mean scorching hot weather, provide your guests with mini hand held fans to cool themselves down, or have your groomsmen hand out personalized bottles of chilled water to your guests as they're seated for the ceremony.

4. Always be prepared with a backup weather plan. Is it going to be record breaking hot outside? Is the weatherman calling for rain? We always like to suggest that your outdoor venue has a spot suitable to move the ceremony indoors if needed. Also, make sure the tent rental has sturdy sides that won't blow away in the wind, and consider ordering a tent floor to eliminate a muddy, grassy mess if it does indeed rain.

3. Choose your menu according to the time of the year. Summer weddings can benefit from having an Iced Tea bar to quench your guests thirst or some tasty frozen treats during cocktails. Comfort foods and drinks like hot chocolate and warm cookies can be the perfect companion to an outdoor wedding in cooler weather.

2. Permit, permit, permit! We can't stress this enough, if you're planning a wedding or any type of event in your home, check with your City or Town for any appropriate permits you may need to host your shindig. Things to look into include noise limits, trash removal, candles or open fires and alcohol licensing.

And the number 1 tip we'd like to share for planning an outdoor wedding?

1. Before you put down any deposits or send those invitations, one major thing to consider is parking for your guests. When looking into permits, also find out from your municipality where your guests can park. Do you have a property big enough to accommodate 100 cars? Is there ample parking on the surrounding streets in your neighbourhood? No? If there's a carpool lot nearby consider having your guests park there and have them shuttled to your residence from a neighbour with a mini van. If cost is not an issue, let them arrive in style in a luxury bus or SUV limo.

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