December 17, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Couture Cupcakes

Christa, we absolutely love Couture Cupcake Boutique, we're practically addicted! How did you get into the cupcake business?
Since I was a child, baking has been a passion of mine (making beautiful, edible works of art). While I was on maternity leave with my first child, I decided to pursue my passion for making custom edible creations. Couture Cupcake Boutique was established in February 2010. Cupcakes appealed to me because of the versatility they offer; different flavours, styles and themes in each cupcake can be incorporated for any event.

Besides the flavours listed on your website, are any new flavours and/or designs in the works for 2011?
We are working on a Prince & Princess cupcake to be available in the new year with kid-friendly ingredients (also free of artificial flavours). We are also launching the Lola Pupcake this month which is a dog-friendly cupcake for your favourite pup.

What kind of cupcake would you recommend to someone planning a winter themed wedding?
The Marilyn cupcake a rich red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, is elegant and the vibrant red colour is sure to catch every one's attention at a chic winter wedding.

What is the most popular cupcake at Couture Cupcake Boutique?
The Marilyn cupcake is our most popular. Second in line is Strawberries & Champagne, closely followed by Autumn Love.

If you could be any flavour of cupcake, what would you be?
If I could be any cupcake I would choose to be the Amaretto Sour because that is my favourite cocktail!

Are you having any special holiday contests, sales or giveaways?
Our website has a monthly specials page which is currently offering our Christmas special. If you join our Facebook page, we have monthly contests as well.

How can our readers contact Couture Cupcake Boutique if they want to check out all your yummy flavours, pricing etc?
You can follow us Twitter @couturecupcakeb and keep a look out in 2011 for our upcoming blog for the cupcake connoisseurs. Also, check out our Facebook page or our website for more information.

Is there anything else about Couture Cupcake Boutique you'd like our readers to know?
Absolutely, we can work with any event or budget, hand craft each cupcake with the finest ingredients and strive to customize each to your vision. Also, Couture Cupcake Boutique will be opening a store front in the near future, check our website for updates!

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