January 31, 2011

Bridal Show Recap: We Divided and Conquered

This past Saturday, Cristina and I braved a sea of soon-to-be brides (and their entourages) at the Burlington Oakville Bridal Show. We had so much fun (as anticipated) walking the floor, meeting people, participating in some demo's and of course, watching the bridal fashion show.

While we weren't able to taste test any cakes (does drooling over the displays count?) we did meet a local caterer, The Grinning Gourmand and tasted some yummy apps (something chicken with a spicy sauce) that was to die for.

Our strategy for this show, was to walk the floor a few times to get a feel for all of the vendors before we spoke with anyone. We know how overwhelming these things can be for brides, and wanted to scope out the exhibitors before speaking to anyone (something we stress in our Bridal Show Survival Guide). We also attended the show in the afternoon (it was less busy), wore comfortable shoes, and dressed light (it's always so hot at these shows).

Another great tip: before we left the house, we checked the website for special event times, like the fashion show. We made sure to drop everything 10 minutes before the show started, to make sure we'd get a good seat. We ended up standing, but it's OK, we were still able to see all the beautiful dresses and were even able to take pictures (see below).

Overall we had a great time at the show, and can't wait for the next one!

*All images were taken by Simply Sophisticated Events

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