February 07, 2011

Q & A: How to Stay Organized When Planning a Party

Q: I'm planning a birthday party for my daughter and between my huge pile of decor pictures, food and theme ideas, the guest list, RSVP's and my daughter's list of must have party games, I am caught in a massive pile of disorganization. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. HELP how do event planners stay so organized?

A:  To successfully plan any event, being organized is our number one rule. We like to use notebooks and/or binders to separate all party categories to keep same subject information handy in one spot. If a notebook or binder is too bulky for you, try using an expandable file folder to separate all of your papers. Keep separate spots for inspiration, food, budget, invitations and RSVP's etc. Good luck planning your daughter's birthday party, and don't forget to show us how your new organizational system worked for you!

Tell us, how do you stay organized when planning your special event?

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