February 21, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Kettle Creek Weddings

We sat down with Wayne Prevett, Co-Founder of Kettle Creek Weddings to find out what couples need to know about booking a wedding officiant. We also had to ask, what makes these wedding officiants so unique?

What made you decide to be an officiant?
My wife Rosanne and I are both ordained ministers, which is mandatory in the province of Ontario to have a license to marry, so we had been marrying people for many years already before we launched Kettle Creek Weddings.

I see you are the co-founder of Kettle Creek Weddings, what made you decide to get started in this business?
My wife, Rosanne and I were already serving non-church families and we saw an increasing need to expand to other people outside of the city we lived in.

Have you seen any interesting/new trends pop up in regards to wedding ceremonies over the last few years?
Yes anything goes! Locations like centre ice, baseball diamonds, any day of the week, any dress code goes. Couples are also have more of an interest in choosing their vows, readings, etc

What is your favourite thing about marrying a couple?
To be invited to the the couples most intimate celebration.

What is your favourite part of the wedding ceremony?
When I get to inspire or motivate the couple in their journey.

What are some things couples need to know when booking an officiant? 
They need to book us right after the venue. There is no wedding without us! Also, couples shouldn't make their decision based on price. Officiants are the least expensive part of the day, but we are the most important part, without us it would just be an expensive wedding themed party.

What advice would you give to a couple who is nervous about saying their vows, or having their vows memorized?
We would tell them not to worry, we don't encourage vow memorization (we prompt 99.9% of all couples).

To learn more about Kettle Creek Weddings and the services they provide, visit them at http://www.kcwmain.com/. Also, don't forget to Like their page on Facebook.

{Photo Source: Kettle Creek Weddings, Picasa Album}

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