March 09, 2011

10 Wedding Details Not to Miss: Part 1

OK all of you bride-to-be's, listen up. It's taken you approximately 25 years to find the perfect groom, another 6 months to find the perfect dress, 4 months of invitation shopping and multiple taste testings to get the cake just right. You've planned and planned, and planned some more. You may have even had a plan to do all the planning (we have to admit, we love this about you girls!).

We've seen it more than once, it takes so long to plan the big milestone events surrounding the wedding, that often couples forget about a few minor details. Join us in our two part mini series 10 Wedding Details Not to Miss for a few suggestions on the areas of wedding planning couples often overlook.

1. Point Your Guests in the Right Direction
Although you may think most of your guests will look up directions to the church/ceremony on their own, including a map and directions along with your invitations can help eliminate frantic phone calls confirming directions before your big day. Seriously, who wants to have their phone ringing off the hook the day before their wedding?

Another tip we can't stress enough to our brides: have some type of signage visible to guests as they arrive at the reception. Why signage? We know what you're thinking, this isn't a conference, it's an elegant reception that took months of planning, who wants tacky signs posted around the venue? If you're getting married in a hall that has multiple parties booked on the same night, having a sign pointing to where the reception is taking place is a great way to eliminate confusion. But don't worry, we're not talking about hand written signs that look like your ring bearer crafted. We're talking about beautiful signs mounted on foam core or framed and placed on a decorated easel like this one from Events By Nadia in Australia. We also like using signage to point out guest book instructions, gift tables, menu's, feature drinks being served or anything else you think your guests might appreciate knowing about.

2. Reserved Ceremony Seating
While it's common knowledge that the first few rows of chairs or pews (if in a church) are reserved for the wedding party and family members, it never fails, there's always one person who forgets and tries to sneak in the front row for an exclusive view of the happy couple. If you're worried about this happening, create reserved seating and ask your groomsmen to only escort those special people to the reserved spaces. Also, be sure to tell those special people that a seat awaits for them in the front row so they are aware ahead of time.

3. Guest Book Alternatives
These days, couples are getting pretty creative when it comes to their guest books. We love the guest book idea, but, rather than having a traditional book where guests can sign only their name, couples have turned to photo books, wish trees and cards with matching envelopes, where guests write marriage advice for the bride and groom. For some other creative ideas, visit The Offbeat Bride's blog.

4. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting
Whether it's from tea light candles, twinkly lights, dimmed lights or a funky light show, a wedding's theme or ambiance can be set by different lighting options in conjunction with (or without) specific decor. Not everyone has a huge decor budget to toss around so we like to suggest asking the venue if they can help set the mood with different lighting options. For a small fee (or sometimes none at all) your venue can show you creative ways to use lights to highlight the head table, center pieces or to set the general ambiance for the room.

5. Cake Table Details
It's so easy to get wrapped up in decor and centre piece planning for each guest table, but what about the cake table? While wedding cakes come in all sorts of elaborate and intricate designs, we find it's a nice touch to dress up the table with some tea light candles, rose petals or swags of fabric to really get guests to notice the cake. One more thing, don't forget to set out your cake cutting set!

Check back next week for Part 2 of our 10 Wedding Details Not to Miss series.

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