March 02, 2011

How to Get Your Hubby-to-Be Involved in Wedding Planning

Most guys would rather poke their eye out than help their wifey-to-be plan their wedding. The mere mention of table linens make their eyes glaze over! Trust us, we've seen it happen.

Rather than drafting a to-do list a mile long for your man (and forcing him to complete each item) try these tips on how to get him more involved in the planning process. We guarantee at least one should work (we should know, we tested them out on our husbands).

Ask him for his opinion and make him feel like it actually counts. Your wedding binder might scare him so instead of showing him 10 different bouquet styles, narrow your wish list to the two or three that you love and ask him for help choosing. OK, so maybe flowers will make his eyes glaze over but at least you've done the hard work for him by scouting out florists and types of flowers.

Encourage him to plan something fun, like a signature drink for the reception. Boys + booze = heaven. He will be thrilled to take on such a cool project.

Suggest he take on the research/booking of the transportation. This is a no brainer, boys like toys and anything mechanical, we're confident he won't disappoint you on this task (just remember to keep the reigns on the budget!)

And finally, just ask him what his vision of the wedding is, you might be surprised that he has some great ideas, and of course, we predict there will be some ideas that you will need to veto!

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