April 22, 2011

Q & A: Booking A Multi-Purpose Wedding Venue

Q: I just got engaged and have started the hunt for a perfect venue for our wedding next year. What are some things I need to consider before booking a venue?

A: This is a great question and our advice is to consider the following points when booking a wedding venue however, they ring true for any special event as well.
  • If the ceremony and reception are in two different locations, you should consider the distance between each location.
  • Can each location accommodate the same number of guests?
  • What are the start times for each venue? Consider the time between the ceremony and reception as well as the reception's location (especially if guests are travelling and have to keep themselves busy between the two events).
  • If you're considering one venue for both the ceremony and reception, ask if they have enough chairs for both the ceremony and reception. If not, will they have to be rented and who gets the final word on where they're rented. What is the additional cost?
  • Will the venue host both the ceremony and reception in the same room? If so, how long of a turnaround time will they need between each event and what will your guests do to pass the time?
If you're looking for some local venues to host your special day, check out our Venue Spotlight's for some local venue reviews in the GTA  (Greater Toronto Area).

{Photo Source: Graydon Hall Manor}

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