August 19, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Q: We're having an outdoor wedding but we're terrified that it might rain. What should we do?

A: We love the idea of outdoor weddings. To ensure the day goes by without any glitches, it's always best to have a back up plan in case the weather calls for rain. We like to suggest watching the weather forecast the week leading up to your special day. If there's a chance of showers, work with your wedding coordinator on a backup weather plan just in case you have to move the ceremony or reception indoors.

Always remember when you're planning a wedding outdoors, no matter the season, try to keep an open mind about having a contingency plan just in case there's a weather issue. Although no one wants to compromise on their wedding day, sometimes, having the backup plan thought out ahead of time can give a stressed out couple peace of mind that everything will indeed work out.


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