August 01, 2011

Top 3 Wedding Budget Busters

Happy holiday's our fellow Canadians! We're focusing on tightening the purse strings on your wedding budget today with our top 3 wedding budget busters.

1. Stamps. Sounds kind of odd doesn't it? But, did you know that most brides don't factor in the cost of stamps into their invitation/stationary budget? Do yourself a favour and calculate how much it will cost to send out all of your invitations before you pick out those over sized invitations. Remember, the bigger the envelope, the more expensive it is to ship.

2. Wedding Dress Alterations. If you're absolute maximum  budget is $1,200 for your wedding dress, we always like to suggest factoring in the cost of your alterations into your total dress budget. Depending on what you need altered on your dress, alterations can cost you from $100 to $300 and sometimes even more.

3. Taxes. Ok, so this one really isn't a hidden cost however, we rarely take the time to calculate what the taxes would be on that $2,000 fabulous white stretched limo you've had your eye on. Remember to crunch those extra costs into each area of your budget so there are no surprises in the end.

Did you like our crash course in wedding budgeting? What are some of your budget secrets?

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