November 24, 2014

American Music Awards 2014 Red Carpet Rundown

It was another night of amazing red carpet fashion at the American Music Awards last night. We've noticed a couple of recurring trends: body-con silhouettes, high slits, colour-blocking, and bold colours. It will be interesting to see which trends last and which ones burnt out quickly.

My votes for best dressed from the 2014 AMAs are Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, and Julianne Hough. These women just exude confidence and sexiness in a classy way. They also help teach us some great lessons. 1) Basic does not equal boring. 2) You can show some skin without it looking trashy. 3) Beauty shines through at any age.

Unfortunately, I felt that there were too many risk takers (although this is to be somewhat expected with this group of artists) or those that fell into the "what were they thinking?!?!" crowd. Among my picks are Elizabeth Banks, Heidi Klum (I know, I know...sorry), Rita Ora, and Gigi Hadid. I'll let you be the judge of which artist falls into which category...

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Beckinsale

Julianne Hough
Elizabeth Banks
Heidi Klum
Rita Ora
Gigi Hadid
Image Source: PopSugar

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