April 23, 2010

A Few Ideas on How to Throw an Eco Friendly Bridal Shower

Our month of eco friendly event planning tips is almost over so we couldn't let a post go by without addressing one of the most fun events to plan of all: the bridal shower! Here are some of thing we like to suggest to our brides-to-be to keep their girls only event green.

Invitations. While we already touched base on this topic in a previous post, we really feel this is the first step in making your party earth friendly. If you can't stomach online invitations (too impersonal?) look for invitations made from recycled paper.

Decorations: Think fresh flowers from a local flower shop or centerpieces made from fruits (think of the 12 lemon centerpiece from the movie "The Breakup") from a local fruit market.

Favors: If you're hosting a Spring or Summer shower, consider giving your guests a small potted plant or a DIY organic herb garden that they can grow right in their kitchen.

Food: Whether you're planning a lunch, dinner or cocktails, consider using regular plates and cutlery. No paper or plastic products allowed. Also, consider offering pitchers of ice water with slices of cucumber or lemon as opposed to plastic water bottles, you won't believe the waste you'll be saving.

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