April 26, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Green Diva Bridal Jewellery

Green jewellery? We're sure the concept sounds pretty foreign to you with visions of hemp bracelets dancing in your head. Thankfully, eco-friendly jewellery doesn't have to screem DIY project if you shop at Green Diva.

How do the gals at Green Diva keep their jewellery environmentally friendly? Well, for starters, 95% or more of the gold and silver they use is 100% recycled. Secondly, all of their gemstones and pearls are sourced from suppliers and miners who practice fair trade and abide by certain environmental standards.

Did we mention that even their packaging is recycled? No ugly jewellery boxes used here. Green Diva uses recycled wedding dresses to create their packaging.

"Our adorable eco-friendly Wedding Dress Pouch is made with old, reclaimed weddings gowns purchased second hand. They are double-layered with fabric and handmade for a durable, lasting construction. The Wedding Dress Pouch™ is designed to protect pearls and gems from nicks and scratches. It is built with a drawstring closure that will also keep most air out of the bag when the jewellery is in storage. This is particularly helpful in preventing silver tarnish and safeguarding pearls from contact with chemicals," their website says.

Ok enough talk, here's a sneak peak at some of our favourite bridal pieces from Green Diva.


Katherine, Green Diva said...

Thank you for this lovely mention. We are thrilled to be able to offer brides an ethical, yet affordable, alternative to mass-produced and sweatshop-made bridal jewelry.

Your brides may feel free to request a FREE report from us: "7 Secrets to Your Luxury Green Wedding Without the Celebrity Pricetag" at www.greendivabridal.com

vintage ring said...

I have never heard of eco-friendly jewelry. I have used the recycled boxes but jewelry is new to me. I will try to get a piece of that kind for me.


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