May 21, 2010

Baby Shower Spotlight - April 2010

I am especially thrilled to be sharing our second Baby Shower Spotlight with you today, as it was in honour of our very own Jennifer. I remember the day that Jennifer told me that her and her husband were expecting their first child, my first thought was, “How soon is too soon to throw her a baby shower?”

Bucking all baby shower traditions, the theme of this evening soiree was sophisticated modern in tones of blue and brown. This colour combination is one of my favourites, and matched the décor of the nursery perfectly.

When planning any type of party, we love using décor pieces that can be used afterwards by the guest(s) of honour. Trying to keep the nursery in mind, I chose items that would blend well with Jennifer’s existing décor.

And blend they did. I’m pleased to announce that the baby blocks, picture frames, basket, and stuffed bear have now all taken up residence in the baby’s room. 

Our mom-to-be’s not-so-secret obsession with celebrity gossip put me on the hunt for a fun baby shower game. I was thrilled to find the Celebrity Baby Names game by Swanky Chics. Not only was it the perfect game to play, it even matched the décor of the shower.  Lastly, we busted out the How Big is Mommy’s Tummy tape to take turns guessing how big Jennifer’s belly had grown.

With all the food out, everyone managed to still save some room for the mini chocolate cupcakes. They looked so pretty set out on the cake platter that no one wanted to be the first to dig in, so Jennifer took care of that problem!

At the end of the evening, favor packages of home baked cookies, made by one of our very talented friends, were sent home with each guest.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening, filled with lots of laughter and amazing memories. I can’t wait to meet their new baby boy!

*All photos taken by Simply Sophisticated Events.

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