May 17, 2010

Bridal Shower Angst: Make It Fun with Themes

We know there are a few anti-brides out there who don't necessarily love the idea of what a traditional wedding has to offer. Not only may the idea of a wedding hall make you cringe, we're sure that the words bridal shower are enough to make you call off your pending nuptials altogether.

But, what if we told you you could have a non-traditional type of wedding shower that would satisfy your need to break free from the norm and even make your mother happy? Enter the theme shower.

Do you like Twilight or Alice in Wonderland? Maybe you're a die hard 80's girl who'd love to have a Madonna themed shower.

Well, thanks to Julia, a member of the website Offbeat Bride, we think we've found the ultimate shower theme: high school crush meets cafeteria lunch.

Starting with the invitations: a hand written note folded up (very high school style), and continuing with edible centre pieces made from Twinkies and candies, Julia provided her guests with hand made lunch bags to help carry their favors at the end of the party.

Julia made sure to keep the food cafeteria style by offering her guests chicken nuggets, meat loaf and mac and cheese, served by lunch ladies (the brides father and uncle) while the games were kept old school with cootie catchers, high school trivia.

While we've all heard of the traditional guest book, and even more modern fads such as the wish tree, this bride-to-be opted to keep with the school days theme and provided a composition notebook equipped with a little assignment for their guests:

For more information about this shower, visit the Offbeat Bride's website.

*Photos courtesy of Offbeat Bride

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