January 26, 2015

Fashion Faux-Pas at the 2015 SAG Awards

We thought we would switch it up for the 2015 SAG Awards, and present our top three choices for Worst Dressed first. Unfortunately, for these "lucky" nominees, it wasn't too hard to make our choices this awards show. From horrendous colour choices to ill-fitting silhouettes, these dresses did nothing for the talented actresses who wore them.

If only I had the opportunity to just once ask a select few actresses - did you really take a good look at yourself in the mirror before stepping out onto that red carpet? Because I bet if you had stopped listening to your "stylist" for 5 minutes and actually listened to your gut, you would have chosen a much better outfit.

Thankfully, as fashion taste is quite subjective, there will always be worst and best-dressed lists. I just wish that sometimes people would focus less on the label and more on how the dress actually makes them look and feel.  (Okay rant over!)

We would love to hear your feedback on this - who are your choices for Worst Dressed from the SAG Awards?

Source: E Online
Rosamund Pike is gorgeous, but her dress looks like it is swallowing her whole! She might be wearing Dior Couture, but to me, it looks like she might have just cut a hole in a tent and called it a day. I completely understand wanting to "disguise" some body areas post-baby, but there are much better ways of doing it.

Source: E Online
At least Anna Chlumsky attempted to wear some colour to the SAG Awards this year, but unfortunately for her, her attempt failed. The weird horseshoe detailing on her custom Escada gown was quite distracting and I couldn't decide if she was going for an equestrian vibe or leaning towards a more medieval flair.

Source: E Online
Lorelei Linklater's Honor gown - well let's just say, it has us speechless. Need we say more?

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