June 30, 2014

DIY Party Loot Bags

Well it's official...my little baby boy is 1 year old. We recently celebrated with a Teddy Bear Picnic themed birthday party. In keeping with the theme, I put together these cute (and super simple) loot bags.

Source: Simply Sophisticated Events

Filled with outdoor toys like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bouncy balls, kazoos, and stickers, these loot bags were easy and inexpensive to put together. All you need are paper lunch bags, a stamp and ink, and some ribbon. The great think about these loot bags is that you can customize them for any event you might be hosting. By changing up the stamp and ribbon, you can use them as favour bags for a bridal or baby shower, lunch bags for a picnic-themed party, or even doggy bags for a dinner party.

The first step was stamping the paper bags with a "thank you" message. I chose to use black ink because it would show up on the brown bag best. But you can definitely think outside the box on this step and match the ink colour to your theme.

Source: Simply Sophisticated Events

Next, I used a single hole punch to punch out two holes so that I would be able to thread the ribbon through to keep the bag closed and make it easier to carry.

Source: Simply Sophisticated Events

After filling the bag with all the toys, I threaded the ribbon through the two holes and tied a simple double knot. I chose to use grosgrain ribbon, but there are quite a few options you can use to tailor the look to your event's theme. I think this would look great using raffia, twine string, leather cord, yarn, etc. You can also add a personalized name or favour tag at this stage.

Source: Simply Sophisticated Events
Source: Simply Sophisticated Events

So three easy steps and you have cute, personalized favour bags that can be used for multiple occasions.

I'll be posting more ideas and pictures from my son's Teddy Bear Picnic themed party so check back soon!

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